Siblings, Swine Flu and Swelling

Our weekend was all about health it seemed. On Saturday my lovely wife got in line at a local clinic at 5 a.m. to secure three of the 400 H1N1 shots for the two of us and our son Carter. We have a daughter under six months of age so we’re “at risk.” However, it was pretty sad seeing some of the other people waiting who were clearly old, disabled or of course pregnant which isn’t bad but we knew folks 300 or so back wouldn’t get the shots that day and we would.

Actually, we got nasal mist and Carter got a shot. He screamed loudly but calmed down relatively quickly as all good boys do. We spent the rest of the morning at the grandparents and went shopping. Dad needed some wardrobe updating which equals three sweaters, pair of khakis and socks. Carter got some toys for under the tree and then we had a nice lunch with Nanna where Carter was being especially sweet and cute. In the photo above he’s holding little Evie’s hand. Awwwww…

It was all great until Sunday.

The day started fine and the kids did fairly well getting dressed up for holiday card photos. An hour after our friend the photographer leaves Carter is in the kitchen looking for me before his nap, I’m right behind him and he spins around, slips and knocks his head on the sharpest piece of wood any cabinet builder could create. He instantly wails, I look and it seems ok, pick him up and the second time I look, about 5 seconds since impact, and there is a purple egg on his forehead the size of, well a small egg.

Even though Carter has fallen and knocked his head many times this was the worst thing I had ever seen happen to him and I admit it…I freaked the fuck out. I yelled for Courtney she came running, she freaked out. I was already bolting for the car and the emergency room and threw his jacket on. I didn’t even ice the thing down.

I buckled him in and was off for the hospital and realized something. Carter was quiet. He was also doing his “choo choo, choo choo tracks” routine because the road goes by the train tracks. The kid was calm as a cucumber. Not freaking out.

The ER was nice but it took an hour to get back to a doctor. Carter cried more trying to be weighed then he did hurting himself. The waiting room also filled up with sick, like flu sick, kids and I wanted out of there. Three hours plus later we were told “ice and Neosporin” for the injury and to check for signs of head trauma like sleepiness, hard to rouse etc etc.

But I was testing Carter’s ABCs on an iPhone app in the waiting room so I knew he was ok for now. He’s since slept and woken just fine and the swelling and purpleness has gone down as you can see by this photo.

The rest of the day was spent babying Carter and decompressing from the extreme stress. It was supposed to be a relatively relaxing day with no big plans...

I got into bed at 9 p.m. on Sunday and was so physically and mentally drained I was out by 9:30 and I missed the great Indy/Patriots ending. But that’s what happens when you get put through the ringer. I don't want to know what happens when he really hurts himself.