Five Guys Tracks Me Down, Opens New Store Next Door

Seriously Five Guys. It’s bad enough you opened three minutes from our last place in Chicago on Clybourn making you the closest restaurant for me to get lunch if I was working from home. Now, I move all the way out to the suburbs and you open a new place just five minutes down the street?

So yeah, I went for lunch today. Yeah, I got a single bacon cheeseburger. Yes, that’s it above topped with some of my homemade bbq sauce from Sunday’s ribs. Hell yes it was good.

And yes, I will admit trying to finish the fries before Carter got home from one of his classes, but there were so many I really didn’t mind sharing. Carter says “Bye byes” instead of “french fries” too which is funny because it sounds like he’s saying goodbye to them as he devours them.

This new location opening is a distressing development though, for my gut. I better have leftovers planned out for future work-from-home days to save myself the thousand calorie meals.