TV UnWatcher: Show’s I’ve Nixed so Far

Ncis-los-angeles As a father of two kids under two the wife and I don’t get out much. Our primary source of entertainment is the TV for better or worse. And while this year’s new TV lineup has some promising new shows I’ve found myself with a few nights completely devoid of anything to watch (Tuesdays and Wednesdays) and I've rejected new shows in as short a time as ten minutes. Below is how my selection process has gone down so far this year.

Mondays: House and Monday Night Football. Solid night of TV. I can watch most of House during half-time on the DVR and if the game stinks finish it up for an early night. How I Met Your Mother is still DVRed in the bedroom for the missus and I to watch. I gave up on Heroes last year and do not miss it. They need to put Chuck on Wednesdays I think when it returns.

Tuesdays: Tried The Forgotten with Christian Slater on ABC. Can’t stand another Cold Case type show even with what I consider the best looking cast on television. Seriously, ever actor save the fat cable installer is hot. Also watched ten minutes of NCIS: Los Angeles before nixing it. Big stars like LL Cool J and O'Donnell should mean good acting…they don't. The wife watches Biggest Loser upstairs, I have spent most Tuesdays playing Guitar Hero/Rock Band and now try and catch a Bulls or Blackhawks game while catching up on blogging.

Wednesdays: What a dismal night. Watched Modern Family and liked it, forgotten to DVR it and we’re a few shows behind. That might be something we catch up on. Otherwise watched ten minutes of Cougar Town and remembered I can only take five minutes of Courtney Cox in a lead. Otherwise what a poor night of TV. This is where a network should move a good show in the crowded Thursday lineup.

Thursdays: Bones and NBC comedies are what we watch and that hasn’t changed. Still not watching Parks and Recreation but kind of like Community. I gave up on Flash Forward when I heard it was as good as Lost. I don’t have that kind of time to invest in a TV show. CSI I try to remember to DVR for dry nights. Still good.

Fridays: Dollhouse on Friday nights…yes please. Guilty pleasure that could definitely handle the Wednesday limelight. And poor Smallville. Yeah, it kind of sucks now, but I feel like I have to watch at this point to see how they resolve him donning tights. SyFy has Stargate Universe which I watched the pilot movie of. It wasn’t that bad but again, do I want to invest the time in another series? That’s a hard call. I’m hoping for a DVR marathon later in the fall. I already ixnayed Sanctuary last year. SyFy’s shows have gone downhill lately.

Saturdays: I catch up on all my geeky DVR stuff from Friday.

Sundays: The wife watches Amazing Race which I half watch on the DVR sometimes, but mostly I'm in a football hangover and catching up on my fantasy scores. No longer do I watch Fox animated shows.

What about other dads? What gets you through the week after the kids are in bed? Anything I should be watching? Especially on the non-major networks?