Blogs Solve Another Crisis: Collecting All Those Random Recipes

If you’re like my wife and I you probably don’t have a lot of time to prepare your nightly meal. We have two kids to feed, plus our commutes which are about 45 minutes at night. That leaves about -5 minutes to prepare our own food. Since moving to the ‘burbs we’ve added a lot of new crock pot recipes as well as relying on some great week-long meal plans from Real Simple magazine which reduce how many items you buy at the grocery.
We’ve always clipped recipes, looked them up online and printed them etc. We’ve done that so often we have binders full of recipes but we rarely open them because they’re all a mess and out of order.

I once tried a recipe program on the computer that spit out a grocery list with the recipes you put in them. But it was a lot of inputting and hard to access. We also have a kitchen not near our main computer and a laptop or two. How could we get all the recipes we collect from all over in one place that we can take from room to room?
It only took this blogger with unlimited blogs on his TypePad account, two-years to figure this out.

We started a blog.

It’s really easy when the recipes are online, you just cut and paste. But obviously you have to type in anything printed. We just got an all in one printer scanner so I may start scanning some magazine pages to see if that works as well.

But it’s pretty cool. Now we just bring the laptop to the kitchen, put it on the little elevated bar area and check it out while cooking. I’m guessing my iPhone will work in a pinch too if I’m lazy to go downstairs and fetch the laptop.