Paradise Pup: Burger Joint Review

Ppburger On Saturday a dream of mine — seriously — came true. I ate at a restaurant featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, which along with Man v Food is the best food porn on tv.

We had just wrapped up Carters first Lil Kickers session which was cute/hilarious. He most enjoyed stealing the soccer balls from the other kids. At some point we figured by the time we drove to Paradise Pup it'd just be opening at eleven. The place is known for lines out the door so we made the call and headed over.

We were there ten minutes early and I should've stood in line to be first but we had the kids and Courtney had to feed Evie so we stayed in the car. Too bad, because the first guy in line first ordered lunch for half a dzen of his Buddies. Anyway, we bellied up to the counter, placed our order and sat at one of the benches outside and waited. Being fourth in line meant waiting a good ten minutes at least and Carter fidgeted a bunch on the bench. The burgers, fries, onion rings and mozarella sticks — for Carter which he didn't eat anyway — arrived and we dug in.

I got a bacon cheddar burger (above) and Courtney got a plain cheddar burger. I thought the burgers themselves were good. They had a nice char taste with very fresh toppings and the cheese was terrific. It didn't ooze grease either which I really liked and the bun was nice and soft.

Unfortunately that was the best of the meal. The fries, onion rings and mozarella sticks were pretty much the frozen variety and left a lot to be desired. Courtney correctly stated that Portillos' rings are far superior and I agreed.

The price was right though since the meal along with two diet was just over $20.

I'd go back for the burger although I don't think I'd wait that long for them if there was a monster line. Now we know.

At least I can now say I've been to one of those "famed" restaurants.