Boss Monster Zinfandel: Wine Woot Review

Wootwine1 Illinois has quite a few blue laws but it thankfully allows for receiving wine through the mail. Enter Wine Woot, a mild obsession Ive had for the past few years. I'm no wino that's for sure, but both Courtney and I enjoy a nice glass of wine when the kids go down for the night. Everything we buy we pretty much drink too. No wine cellar here. I have kept some bottles for about a year, but that's about it.

The latest order was a six pack of Boss Monster, a zinfandel that Woot packages as it's own. It arrived today and I just popped it open as Monday Night Football kicked off and it's pretty great for a ten dollar bottle.

It's ultra dry. Like Gobi desert dry. And it's not a very complex either. I'm not even sure if it'd pair that well with a steak or lamb. So why is it so good? Because it drinks easily on its when you put the kids to sleep.

A photo of the whimsical back label is below along with my dutiful FTC disclosure of paying for this great wine.

FTC Blogger Disclosure: I paid full price for the wine which was $59 for six bottles plus $5 for shipping. Just a little under $11 a bottle and well worth it. I'm a loyal customer and if Wine Woot wants to send me free wine I'll gladly take it.