New & Vintage Music Monday: The Dead Weather, Tank Girl


The Dead Weather, Hang You From The Heavens

When The White Stripes were all over the radio I loathed them. I thought their songs were repetitive and Jack White got way too much credit for being a good songwriter. However, I love his “side projects” like the Raconteurs. His latest, The Dead Weather – uh, using the word “the” is getting old – is another winner. It’s a bit darker and moodier than the Raconteurs, with a nice mix of White’s vocals and female vocals from Alison Mosshart of the Kills. This is the one song that kind of encapsulates what the band’s sound is.

Joan Jett/Paul Westerberg, Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love)

Playing a 120 GB iPod on shuffle reveals a lot of things about your music collection. For me, the number one oddity is that I have a lot of albums I wouldn’t have spent my own money on because overall they’re not that great, but have a few gems hidden on them. That’s where this track from the Tank Girl soundtrack (probably the best music soundtrack when compared to the crappyness of the movie it was attached to ever) and this duet with Joan Jett and Paul Westerberg. It’s a lot of fun, much like the other songs on the soundtrack. If you can find it somewhere, it’s likely cheap, I’d say buy it.