2009 Audi A3 3.2 S-Line: Baby Seat Check


This past weekend I got to drive the new Audi A3. It gets some new bodywork and badass LED headlights like the rest of the new Audi lineup. The 3.2 V-6 was a blast to drive around the city. Quattro plus the big engine and S-line seats really make the A3 a sporty car. I'd hazard to say you could get away with calling it an S3 and most drivers wouldn't argue with you. However, the fully loaded sample cost a whopping $42K!

I’d much rather downgrade to a 2.0T Audi A4 Avant and save $6,000 or more since that comes standard with leather and panoramic roof.

Oh the baby seat…it fit rear facing in the center but if you tried to put it behind either front seat, front facing you’ll have issues and kids kicking your seat.


It was also a pain to scrunch down into the back seat to get Carter in and out. I’m 5,10 with a slight gut and I was scrunched. For such a small back seat there really isn’t much use for dads, but I think the cargo area is really nice.

In the end I was thinking a BMW 135 would be more fun to drive with an equally unusable back seat. Of course, that would still be for the childless out there.

I really wanted to the A3 to be more dad-friendly. It’s really an amazing car for its size. In the end the A4 Avant would be a much better choice even if it isn't as sporty.