Digging iPod's Genius Setting

One feature I had heard about with the new iTunes was the Genius setting. But everyone who had tried it told me they didn’t like it. On iTunes itself I can see why it isn’t that great because it’s so easy to search for certain music. But on the 120 GB iPod classic I have loaded with 100+ live Pearl Jam shows, the Genius setting has become a godsend.

See, when I play a shuffle I get a ton of Pearl Jam songs in a row as you can imagine. I still have gigs and gigs of other music though and it gets annoying to skip and skip. So, I turned on Genius and was surprised at not only how easy it works on the iPod but at how great the song selection is.

It seems to know pretty obscure bands too so if I select Pinback or Pelican I get the appropriate similar bands. OK, maybe I’ll become an Apple convert yet.