The Legend of the Seeker: Why Hulu Stays In Business


I blogged about Hulu from day 1 of beta and praised how it worked, and its content, especially for bloggers since you can blog any segment of any show. If you’re a TV blogger that’s invaluable. I’m also a TV geek-a-zoid. As a kid I watched a lot of syndicated TV. Star Trek The Next Generation was the penultimate of any shows I watched on late Sunday mornings.

Sam Raimi made a name for himself with Xena and Hercules (neither one a favorite of mine) a decade ago. His latest is Legend of the Seeker. It’s a simple concept. Farmboy discovers he is the ultimate hero of a medieval and of course magical realm.
The early episodes were a bit plodding but recently they’ve gotten quite good. Especially, the past two, “Denna” and “Puppeteer.”

Why do I blog about it here? Because, if Hulu wasn’t around I’d probably never watch it. Sure, I have a DVR and could set a reminder and tape it but believe it or not the DVR is pretty full with new episodes airing regularly these days. Plus, I stay up about an hour after the wife goes to bed to blog or surf the web so I can watch Seeker on Hulu while I’m doing all that. With my Internet connection I never really have a problem watching in even a very large browser window.

I also watch Daily Show and Colbert Report on Hulu. But I think it’s new shows like Seeker that really benefit from the added convenience of the service.