Chris Cornell Video Can’t Be Embedded, Sucks Too

Chris Cornell…what happened to you? I’m a child of the 1980s and teenager of the 1990s, meaning I loved all music from Seattle, obviously Pearl Jam, but Soundgarden was amazing. Cornell is one of the best singers, on record. Live…that’s a different story. Audioslave might have been…umm forced, but Cornell’s solo work has been more the acoustic singer/songwriter thing.

Those records have been mediocre. Cornell and his handlers must have known that and teamed him up with Timbaland for his upcoming solo record. The idea sounded to me like it might work when I first heard about it. I was kind of optimistic. But this video is not good. No, not how awful Cornell looks, but because the song is awful. I don’t mind the beats, but they drown out Cornell’s voice. Hello! That’s all he has Timbaland. Plus there is no real rock chorus or any climax in the song. Ugh. Awful.

I have a feeling Interscope isn’t allowing embedding on YouTube because they know word of mouth will be B-A-D. Or they just want you to buy it on iTunes because of things like KickYouTube.