Mac Leaves Mac, Jurko and Harry Show on ESPN 1000 AM


When I test new cars I listen to a lot of talk radio. Why? Because if I blast music too loudly I might miss road noise levels, squeaks, engine sounds etc. Talk radio leaves lots of open air to hear all these things. Plus, I usually get informed on something. I spend many hours listening to sports radio and Mac, Jurko and Harry for the afternoon commute was a good listen. My father-in law isn’t a fan, but I enjoyed it.

Well, it seems the Mac part, Dan McNeil, has been pulled off the show. The testy personality didn’t get his contract picked up and the radio station escorted him out of the station on Friday. Really? They physically removed him? Wow. Guess they didn’t want him spouting off on the radio as he’s known to do. He also made $600K a year. Say what? Man, I’m in the wrong media I guess even though radio has been dying for years. That’s insane money for a guy who just talks for a living, for a few hours a day at that.

Anyway, the station website was quick to update with The Afternoon Saloon page now featuring Carmen DeFalco in McNeil’s place. I really liked the Carmen and Silvy show as they were two guys my age talking about sports and didn’t sound like the old guys at the bar yammering incessantly. They argued like my coworkers and I argue about sports. Maybe the youth will help the show.