13th District of Illinois Vs. Wasilla, Alaska

Since Gov. Palin is about to "slam" Barack Obama over experience or something stupid in a few minutes, I'd like to point out some number that NO ONE in the mainstream media has brought up to all the idiotic pundits saying Palin is more qualified than Obama. He was State Senator for eight years. That means he represented a district in the State Senate of Illinois. That district, the 13th, is made up of people. How many people? That's hard to judge. But 45,486 people in that district voted for Obama in 1998.

Let me say that again, 45,486.

Those are just some of the people Obama represented. It might be a good sound bite to make fun of his community service but maybe the Republicans or the media could look to another mark on his resume.

I think the country and the media know less about the city of Chicago and how big it is than they do about the town of Wasilla, Alaska where Palin served as mayor for six years. That town's population, 5,469.