Takeout Review: Wing Stop, Wicker Park

I’m still not writing about Mado because honestly it would be too involved and lengthy. While an interesting spot it sure isn’t a return destination. More important to our lives however is a good takeout spot and I can honestly say that I’ve never found truly great wings in the city.

Enter Wing Stop, a franchise store sure, but one that seems to know its wings. And it’s just a few doors away from Mado.

Regular readers know I make some mean wings. While I churn out some beyond decent bbq, jerk and southwestern wings I’ve never gotten hot buffalo wings right. And of course those are Courtney’s favorite.
A few weeks back Courtney declared she had a taste for wings. She had to wait until Friday until Wing Stop opened (they actually opened on Wednesday).

I ordered a 35 piece wing family pack which gives you a choice of three flavors, one side order (we got fries) , two sides of sauce we got two blue cheeses, and sides of celery and carrots.

We tried two flavors: Original Hot and Cajun. Both were excellent. Spicy but not overpowering. The wings themselves were meaty too.

We were even impressed with the fries and cole slaw (I got it extra). The price of $25 for 35 wings and fixing isn’t bad at all either. We each had about ten wings and I saved the rest for the next day’s lunch during college football. Really, really impressed with this place. Oh, the picture is from day 2 right out of the fridge so really not as good looking as they were the day before.