Eddie Vedder: Auditorium Theater Night 1

I’m so conflicted. After last night’s amazing Eddie Vedder show at the Auditorium Theater do I go again tonight? Seems like tickets are plentiful, but I think in the end I’ll let last night stand alone as one of the better Pearl Jam/Pearl Jam member shows I’ve ever been to (which is out of about 50 if you include all the side projects).

The Auditorium Theater’s sound was amazing. Our Ten Club tickets weren’t great. There’s no seniority now, just random so we were about 20 rows back. I’d gather I’d have been about row 2 or 3 if it was seniority. Anyway, seats were still great with a nice view. The sound for Vedder was terrific. He just sat on a stool with an array of guitars, ukes and mandolins and ran through one amazing and rarity filled setlist (after the jump).

The highlight was the song “No More” written about a crippled war vet named Thomas Young who came out on stage in his wheelchair for the song. He was at Lolla last year too but he seems to have gotten worse physically. I’m not sure if that’s possible, but he did not talk and barely could wave to the crowd or turn his head. It was a powerful version of the song too with the entire crowd singing the chorus and standing and cheering Young.

There are other reviews out there along with one my wife has lovingly crafted for our son Carter on his blog here. Check it out with lyrics to "Someday We’ll Go All The Way" which should totally become the Cubs’ anthem. I would say if you can try and go to the show tonight, there were lots of people with extra tickets for far less than the face value.

Set List (unofficial): Walking the Cow,Trouble (Cat Stevens cover),Ship Song (Nick Cave cover),I Am Mine, Hurt (Nine Inch Nails cover), Sometimes, Man of the Hour, No More, Setting Forth, No Ceiling, Gauranteed, Far Behind, Rise Up, Here’s to the State of Mississippi, Goodbye, Driftin’, Hide Your Love Away (Beatles cover), Betterman, Porch

1st Encore: Elderly Woman, Someday We‘ll Go All the Way (Cubs Song), Helpless (Neil Young cover- w/EJB), Society (w/ Liam Finn), Parting Ways (w/ Liam Finn), Arc

2cnd Encore: Hard Sun (w/ Liam Finn)