Take Out Weekend: Papajin, Goddess and The Grocer

We don't normally do a lot of takeout. In fact, our meals are usually planned out for the entire week. But on a Friday night sometimes we'll give in to the ease and conveience. So, since the Olympics were starting Friday we thought Chinese would be fitting. We used to do takeout from Friendship in Logan Square but they've let us down a few times lately and it always seems pretty fattening. We decided to try Papijin over on Milwaukee. I had eaten there once a long time ago and liked it. It's a bizarre menu because they have Chinese and sushi. That usually spells a sub-par place but our Chinese was excellent.

Courtney ordered a chicken dish with veggies and peanuts. It was excellent. Very light and with good flavor. Unfortunatley, I made a mistake and got a beef dish. It was my fault for ordering it. The flavor was fine but the beef were in huge pieces which were a bit tough. We got shrimp fried rice which was also really good, and not too heavy. It had interesting veggies like diced zucchini in it as well as quite a few large shrimp, not the tiny canned kind. We also had two egg rolls which were about average. Overall, we were really impressed and if we splurge again we'll order there.

Sunday, we stopped by Goddess and the Grocer for an early breakfast with baby and dog after perusing the green market at Wicker Park. I had a bagel and lox plate and Courtney got Veggie Scramble wrap which was huge and quite tasty. Anyway, that was the weekend of eating out. Saturday, I cooked filets from Costco with sweet potatoe fries. Tonight we're having eggplant parmegian with homemade tomato sauce I whipped up this morning, which tastes pretty good so far.