Cuil 'Google Fighter' Can't Find Fighting The Suburbs!


There’s been a lot of hype about the massive launch and immediate failure of new search engine Cuil. TV stations talked about it taking on Google and you couldn’t escape it for about 24 hours. But now TechCrunch and other technocelebs are taking it to task for, well, for sucking.

GooglepageI did a simple test. I typed in “Fighting The Suburbs” to see what would happen. I own the url and this blog is hosted by typepad and it gets indexed by all the right places etc. Cuil did not bring up this site in the first page of returns. Nope. All Ben Folds references. I will now admit for the first time that I was subliminally influenced by "Rockin’ The Suburbs" when coming up with the name of the blog. When I first mentioned the blog name to my wife she said “Like the Ben Folds’ song?” and I then went “Doh!”

Anyway, FTS only emerges on Cuil on page 2 with an image of…Ben Folds!!! See above pop-up.


If you type “Fighting The Suburbs” into Google we’re the first response. And the second and third.

On Searchme, another new search start up trying to emulate iTunes scrolling album artwork effect, we’re also first. So a startup search engine can do it right. Just not Cuil.