The Joker Stalks


One of the coolest things to happen around work last year was the filming of the Batman sequel, The Dark Knight. Every day I would park in our garage and there would be signs for where the crew needed to go. I would walk by burnt out helicopters. I would see the Joker’s flipped over semi truck.

It was very neat as I was/am a comic book geek and loved the first movie. One of my coworkers today forwarded me the above promotional still of the Joker walking down Van Buren towards our office building. It’s a strange photo for many reasons. 1. I’m on this street every day. I pull into that garage right there on the left. 2. It’s a bright and sunny day unlike the nighttime scenes portrayed in most of the ads and trailers for the movie.

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Update: Click below of a picture of the same corner today. Taken with my Blackberry so no comments on quality please.