Bruce Wolf: Worst Sportscaster in Chicago

We religiously watch NBC5 for news basically because we watch NBC's national newscasts and we're really just too lazy to change the channel. While we find many of the newscasters and personalities of high quality there is one member of the team who drags down any newscast.

Bruce Wolf
's sportscasts are ridiculous.

He thinks he's funny but the sarcasm is actually mean-spirited and delivered terribly. You can be funny and deliver sarcasm, see The Daily Show. Wolf does not do that. He may only be the weekend or filler sports anchor, but we cringe every time we see him. I know he has some baggage from Fox but beyond that, he's just plain bad.

I can't believe there isn't some straight forward sports guy in Des Moines or Terre Haute who would kill for a weekend sports slot on a Chicago station. Anyone, yes anyone, would be better than Bruce Wolf. Heck, he doesn't even rank high enough to get on the NBC5 website.