Loop Lunch Spot Review: Freshii


I heard about Freshii through my wife and that’s how I happened to know it was opening yesterday. I sent out an email to the rest of the editorial staff to see if anyone wanted to check it out with me. Foodie Amanda and photographer of famous chefs Ian joined me for the short walk over to check it out.

We arrived to a super long line of at least 50 people. Amanda said she was going to wait it out, Ian and I shrugged and figured why not. We were greeted by a friendly, if not overly loud employee who walked us through the overly complicated menu which pretty much boils down to “Choose Your Own Freshii Adventure.”

I won’t go over the process, you can check out their online menu to prepare yourself. Theoretically, if you get there without the line out the door like we saw, you’d take a clipboard off the wall and fill out the form.

I got a salad ($6.95), Amanda soup ($5.95) and Ian a fresh bowl ($5.95).  Then you load them up with “toppings.” You can select as many as you want with proteins costing extra. But in my salad it seems like there was a threshold. They forgot the red onions and roasted red peppers I checked off my ticket.

After a roughly 30 minute wait we had our personalized choices firmly in hand and headed back to cubicle land to discuss our choices over the grey-fabric walls.

There were plenty of peas, corn and surprisingly a lot of artichoke hearts in my salad. I got the grilled steak at a $3 option and there was a lot of steak but it was chopped up really small. So were the cucumbers. Like they had some weird chopping device that made everything small. It also all fell to the bottom of the salad so you had to mix it up. I got the creamy avocado salad dressing which was like guacamole dressing. It was awesome. Otherwise the mesclun mix leaves were too big for the cube sized or smaller toppings. I might go with spinach next time but might face the same problem. You don’t want to waste time on romaine and iceberg lettuce. Not healthy enough.

Amanda’s soup she said was good and again all her toppings were at the bottom. Stir it up folks. She said there were enough noodles for two bowls of soup and enjoyed it. Ian’s fresh bowl seemed less appealing and they forgot his dressing so it was pretty dry too. I’d guess having it that crowded on the first day would lead to issues like that.

I want to go back to try a wrap which is the most affordable at $4.95. There are plenty of pre-determined recipes to order too like Cobb salad et al. But the Choose Your Own Adventure seemed the most common. Freshii is definitely worth checking out if the line isn’t too long and they improve their memories on the assembly line. Plus, it adds another choice in the mix of Jimmy Johns, Potbelly, Qdoba, Subway and Tokyo Lunchbox.