Microsoft Vista: Starting Over, Thanks Kodak

On Mother's Day I got my wife a new digital frame since we inexplicably didn't have one yet. I got her a Kodak Easy Share which had wifi and could just pull the photos off our PC onto the frame. Sounds great right? I went to install the software and poof! The entire OS was wiped away.

Two days at Micro Center later I have the PC back and it's working but is obviously a blank slate. I had everything backed up to a new external harddrive. Of course Micro Center (who rapidly and politely fixed the computer) forgot the mini USB plug with it, something I don't have an extra of, so I can't get things totally back up to speed.

Now, I'm thinking two things. One, I hate Kodak and will never buy another Kodak again. Their support was NOT helpful and they will not pay for the repairs to my computer.

Two: I'm going to try and keep my PC as free of software as possible. I've already moved my email to Zenbe which is a great webmail app with sharing, so once my wife gets an invite she and I can coordinate our tasks and to-do lists.

I've downloaded Firefox and the Zune software so I can have music. And that's it. My work laptop has photoshop and I will probably add our personal copy because I'm just so used to it, but I could use their new site/flickr app instead if I wanted.

But I'm mainly going to see what else is vital. My main goal is to have the cleanest PC around isntead of cluttering it with downloaded apps for everything. Oh, and I did purchase Quicken recently, so I'll redownload that. I'm scared of doing Mint with my finances.

Any suggestions are welcome for web tools and apps versus the old standard.