Gen X vs. Millennial: Must Read

Generarion_slap_bb Radar ran a must read for the jaded Gen-Xers out there like myself. It’s a fun column with wit and reality sprinkled throughout.

I think the big problem for Gen Xers is that we’ve had more adversity in the workplace because of the longevity and expanse of the Baby Boom generation.

Just think for a minute. The boom generation is living longer and not retiring at the same age as their parents, taking up jobs at mid-level and high-level positions not allowing the Gen Xers to move up and succeed. Gen Xers get pissed, and move from job to job to find growth or go off on their own to launch a start-up.

Millennials come along and fill these voids and cost less to hire than a Gen Xer. They have less experience and less of a grasp on what the working world is like. I think there are very few Gen Xers who actually manage millennials in the workplace like my wife and I do. And while there are differences between the generations the one thing I’ve noticed (and not necessarily in the people who work for me) is that the “slacker” tag given to my generation is much more relevant to the millennials. There is more of an air of something sliding off their back which should be more of a motivational tool to improve. Instead, a mistake is seen as no big deal. BTW one of my savvy millennial  underlings first forwarded me the story.

Anyway, share your thoughts. Read the article. Enjoy.