Restaurant Review: Japonais

Japonais1_2 We've been to Japonais one time before and were really impressed with it as an upscale Japanese restaurant. If you've never been there expect very high quality and fresh sushi with some interesting special rolls. There's also a full dinner menu of entrees which all sounded great but we stuck with the Sushi. There is Kobe beef if you're into that.

The service was pretty good too. We had an early, 5:30 p.m., reservation and the restaurant was still half full. They wanted to sit us on top of another table and we asked for another table and got a much better seat. Our waiter was very efficient, friendly and quick with drinks and everything else.

This was our first dinner out since our baby was born three weeks ago so we didn't mind spending some time between courses. It wasn't abnormally long anyway.

We had a light shrimp and salmon spring roll to start which was very tasty even though the flavors didn't have a lot of pop.

The special roll we had was an unagi trio ($17). The eel was really fresh and well cooked. It was not tough in any way. Very nice. Spicy tuna ($7) had just the right amount of spice and the tempura squid roll was also tasty. We finished it off with an apple dessert which I really liked and Courtney didn't mind, even though she's not a warm fruit fan.

Our total with three Sapporos was around $90. It's high for just sushi but we could have skipped the dessert too and kept it under $80. It's not an every week sushi destination but for a slightly special night out (or if you really want to impress your date) Japonais really works.

Food: A
Service: A+
Menu: A-
Decor: A
Price: $$$