Top Chef Chicago: Episode 1

We’re Top Chef fans to begin with, but having season four set in Chicago has us that much more invested in the cooking reality program.

This is also the first time we know one of the contestants. Well not personally, but we used to eat at Stephanie’s Scylla. We weren’t regulars but went there a few times and really enjoyed it. We now live even closer to the old space.

Knowing how good Scylla was, we were really surprised to watch last night’s episode and see how nervous Stephanie was amongst the other contestants. Many might have been assistant chefs at top restaurants, but Scylla was written up everywhere!

As for the other contestants, do any other viewers out there notice a trend in the casting of this show? We realize they’re “real” people but a cocky Asian guy, a lesbian cook with almost identical haircut as last year’s lesbian contestant, the Spike guy looks a lot like Sam from last season, and Andrew is kind of like season 1 winner Harold but on crystal meth.

Back to Stephanie: The duck dish that won her the first challenge – Go Stephanie! – last night looked like something that would have totally come out of Scylla. Regardless if she wins the $100K, we hope she opens up another restaurant in Chicago soon. Oh, and we’re also glad to see Nimma go home. She was a dud from the start.