Beer Review: 2 Below, New Belgium's Awesome Winter Ale

I'm not a beer snob. I don't go out to taste beers routinely, I don't discuss beers with other people or peruse beer blogs. I just know what I like.

New Belgium has been putting out a lot of new beers to compliment its relatively well known Fat Tire ale. The Skinny Dip summer ale was quite good but there are plenty of good summer ales out there. What there aren't a lot of are good winter ales. Usually I find winter brews really heavy even though I think the flavors compliment the season. Of course I never had these beers when living in Florida, but they certainly make it feel like the holidays to me.

That's why I was so impressed with the 2 Below. It is not heavy at all yet has all those wintry flavors I want to feel warm and cheery. It is of course expensive like all New Belgiums. $8.99 a six pack. But definitely worth bringing to a holiday party.