Dave's Favorite Things of 2008

Since everyone in the known weboverse is penning “best of” 2008 columns, I figured I’d do my own sort of hodgepodge. Check it out and feel free to comment/disagree in the comments.

Best Food
We tried a number of new places in 2008, even though not as many in past years because of parenthood arriving. However, it was our take in favorites of Papjin for Chinese and Wing Stop for wings that were probably the most useful. My personal favorite new eat-out spot was actually The Counter, with Freshii being my new obsession. I usually eat there once a week. Although my Spicy Thai Chicken soup today was filled with rice on top of the noodles. Rice isn’t supposed to be there.

Best Music
The biggest news for me, the Pearl Jam freak, was the announcement that the group would re-release Ten with a remixed version. Huzzah. Live, Courtney and I got to enjoy Eddie Vedder at the Auditorium Theater which was actually an amazing show, well beyond expectations.

Non-Pearl Jam good releases were the new Foo Fighters disc, R.E.M., Black Keys, Shellac, Old 97s, Travis, The Bronx, The Racounters, Enon, Pet Genius, Underoath…wow there were a lot of good records this year.

Best Movies

I won’t even pretend we saw a lot of movies this year. Almost all were rented. Memorable? Not many. Maybe Iron Man? I liked it a lot more than Dark Knight.

Best Events

Hmmm…let me see, what happened this year…oh, yeah an election. I’m sure it won’t solve every problem but I’m looking forward to seeing Barack Obama sworn in Jan. 20.

Best Stuff

These are things that are just cool that we enjoyed on a regular basis.

  • Ninetendo Wii, Wii Fit gathering dust though, Guitar Hero addiction

  • Wine Woot – until Courtney’s pregnancy

  • Trader Joe’s Frozen Section

  • Hulu.com

  • Good Beers

  • Top Chef

  • Twitter

  • TheraFlu

  • Consumerist.com

  • Courtney's iPhone

  • AWD on our Subaru Outback, saved me when two test cars got stuck in ice in 2008

  • Goddess and the Grocer

  • Canon G9 and Flickr for all the great shots of Carter and being able to share them

  • Cheap 4GB memory cards

  • Amazon, cheap everything, fast free shipping

  • Sound isolating headphones for business travel

  • NFL Network

  • Chicago Air Show viewing from our own building

  • Dr. Who on SciFi