From Dave's Archives: Pelican, Cleveland 12.11.03


Here's an experiment I've been thinking about doing for years. As many of you know I was an avid taper when i covered music from roughly 1996-2005. I taped almost every show I covered with a DAT machine and mics and/or soundboard. Over the years I really amassed some amazing recordings. I've never known what to do with them as far as distribution outside of the traditional trading with other tapers. Over the years I traded cassettes, DATs and eventually CD-Rs. Now it seems digital is the way to go. While I don't really need anymore live shows in my collection as trades, I figured my originals should get out there.

However, there is a lot of legal issues with that so if any band comes across this page and wants me to remove a file just email me or leave a comment.

First up is a show by Pelican. The Chicago-based band is one of my favorite. They do instrumental, hard rock/metal which is spectacular live. Why is it a Cleveland show? I was writing a piece on them for a music mag and this was the only show they were playing nearby in the timeframe of my deadline. I was just starting covering cars and had a brand new Mazda3 at the time and thought the drive following the band's van would be fun. It was quite a test drive, quite a show and I've loved this band ever since.

You can download the show here. PLEASE go buy some Pelican merchandise or music from the band. These guys are not rock stars, but hardworking musicians. They deserve support.