Dave Gets an iPod, Bye Bye Zune

OK, I’ve been loyally listening to my Zune 30 GB Brown Brick since it came out almost two and a half years ago. But for the past few months it has been pretty glitchy and driving me nuts. Plus I wanted something that held even more of my 150GB and growing music collection.

I did a lot of research on whether to get the new Zune 120 or the iPod classic 120 GB as my wife offered to get me one for my birthday. It was a tough call, basically decided by my wife’s own logic: “Just get the iPod, it works with everything.”

After testing dozens of cars with iPod integration and no Zune, or even generic MP3 player connections she’s pretty much right. Yet, I have resisted all things Apple for so long — ever since I left college and our huge Macs, and the Apple IIs my Dad had — I was still hesitant. And then yesterday morning, I unwrapped the shiny — well actually matte – black iPod Classic 120GB. Hazzah, I’m now an Apple person.

While most people obviously are familiar with the iPod in its Classic form I do have some thoughts after a few days of listening and a few weeks of getting familiar with iTunes.

  1. I’m a bit surprised how much better the iPod sounds than the aging Zune. Everything is much crisper to my ears.

  2. The clickwheel takes a LOT of getting used to. I’m still fumbling when it comes to volume control, scanning albums and artists etc. I often overshoot what I’m looking for.

  3. The sleepy screen shows battery life and the time in an old school font. What’s up with that?

  4. The screen isn’t as big as the Zune’s but it is crisp and clear. I think I’ll watch more video on this, especially with the added capacity.

  5. iTunes is less buggy now, but I don’t like how it doesn’t monitor your music folder for new additions. Yes, the Zune software does this and I love opening it up and seeing all the “just added” content. With iTunes I have to go dig up everything and add it manually. This won’t annoy people who don’t download files over the internet like I do. Yes, they’re all legally done.

  6. I wish I could use a photo as a background screen. That was neat.

  7. The graphics are very crisp and clear while the Zune went for this faded look on album artwork. The menu screen on the Zune was big and bold though which was easier to browse. I’m sure I’ll get used to that on the iPod though.

  8. With Courtney’s iPhone iTunes is the smarter way to organize everything, and considering how much music is on there, it works pretty fast. I also like editing album info in iTunes better than Zune.

  9. Duh, the 120 GB iPod is smaller and slicker than the old Brown Brick Zune. Of course the new 120 Zune is similar in size too, but this is a big bonus. I like the weight and quality feel of it as well.

  10. Did I mention the sound is better? That’s a pretty big deal to me.