Pearl Jam Reissuing Ten! Remixed by Brendan O'Brien

After years of talking about it, Pearl Jam is finally re-releasing its debut album Ten. The set will come out March 24, 2009 in a number of different sets. But all of the releases will feature both the original album remastered and a newly remixed version of the album by the band's longtime producer Brendan O'Brien with six bonus tracks including  “Brother,” “Just a Girl,” “State of Love and Trust,” “Breath and a Scream,” “2,000 Mile Blues” and “Evil Little Goat.”

The band says this is the first album in a series of re-releases of the entire catalog to celebrate the band's 20th anniversary in 2011. Yep, I'm old.

There is a super deluxe edition of Ten with the two CDs mentioned above, two DVDs, the vinyl versions of the Ten discs and a live set on vinyl along with tons of extras. The only issue of course is the deluxe edition (pictured here) costs $140. Daaaaaaamn! And way too late for Xmas.

Still, I can't wait to hear the remixed version as the band was never very happy with the sound of the original. It also makes me wonder if there will be any new material released before 2011. Their last self-titled disc came out in 2006. And they're usually releasing albums every two years, so we're pretty far behind. Also will the band tour behind reissues? Play the entire albums front to back? Hmmmm.