Alphabetical Song Shuffle: Day 4

The other day I mistakenly started playing song son my 30GB Zune by alphabetical song title instead of the normal shuffle. I was shocked at how many songs I was hearing that had never come up during my past six-months of shuffling with virtually the same 30GB worth of music on the device (minus anything new added).

Here’s a quick list of what came up that first day. So now it’s Friday and I’ve decided to try and play this alphabetical thing out A-Z. It’s going slowly even though I’m skipping repeated songs (from live bootlegs etc.)  The experiment so far is that the normal playing of songs in this fashion turns out a better quality mix than playing on shuffle. I find myself skipping songs a lot less. Anyone else ever do this?

 1st Day’s Songs

  • Adina, Rancid

  • The Admiral, Shellac

  • Aeroplanes, onelinedrawing

  • Afk, Pinback

  • After forever, Biohazard covering Sabbath (it’s not that bad)

  • Afterlife, Avenged sevenfold

  • Again, Alice in Chains

  • Against the 70s, Mike Watt/Vedder

  • Aint it the life, Foo Fighters

  • Aint no easy way, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

  • Ain’t no right, Janes Addiction

  • Airbag, Radiohead

This morning’s songs

  • Anxious Arms, The Jealous Sound

  • Anyone, Anyone, Dashboard Confessional

  • Anything in Between, Pearl Jam Outtake

  • Anytime, My Morning Jacket

  • Anyway, Ahyhow, Anywhere, The Who

  • Appolo I, Coheed & Cambria

  • Apple Tree, Wolfmother

  • Applebite, Soundgarden

  • ApproachingPavonis…, The Flaming Lips

  • Arc, Pearl JamArcher V. Light, Christopher Wall