Burger Joint Review: The Counter

Yes, it’s a franchise. Yes, it’s one of Courtney’s clients. Yes, it totally kicks ass.

On Saturday Courtney and I took Carter to the Zoo and afterwards headed over to the Counter because, when else would we be in Lincoln Park and able to park and go eat. We arrived at around 11:30 a.m. a little early but just ight to actually find parking and have an empty enough restaurant to wheel in Carter’s stroller. 

We were given menus and explained how the whole “order off a checklist” works. Amazing that Freshii and The Counter work the same way. 

Basically, you “build” your burger and get to pick what size patty (we both did 1/3 pound and if you do more you won’t have room for fries or a shake), bun, cheese, toppings, premium toppings for $1 and sauce. It’s pretty nifty. I built a typical bacon-cheeseburger with bbq sauce and carmelized onions. It was terrific.

The meat was cooked perfectly and had a sweet flavor from the grill. Courtney went with a whole grain bun and did some fancy stuff like avocado, grilled onions, roasted red peppers and a carmelized onion spread which on top of the grilled onions was, no surprise, oniony.

We got a half/half onion straws and sweet potato fries. Both were awesome and came with three dipping sauces. The only drawback was the price. All this and 2 sodas was $33. Basically burgers start at $8.25. Although a basic burger is $6.

I’d thoroughly recommend it if you’re anywhere nearby.