Suburban Restaurant Review: Ted's Montana Grill

We're back in suburban exile (don't ask, I'll I'm going to say is never buy new construction) and are hitting up some of the area eateries. I've been pretty intrigued by Ted Turner's new franchise of restaurants called Ted's Montana Grill which specializes in bison as well as regular cow meat.

We went for lunch yesterday at the location in Schaumburg and had an interesting experience. At 11:55 a.m. on a Saturday the place looked closed. There were only two other tables with people at them. The decor is styled like a turn of the century (19th that is) western restaurant. Not like a wild west saloon but more of a what a San Francisco eatery might be like. Tons of wood lets put it that way.

I ordered a bison burger and the better half got a soup and salad ($9)with bison chili as the soup and an egg-less Caesar salad.

The drinks came with paper straws which were interesting. Then our
food came. The burger was huge with tons of fries. That was good. The
hair to the side of the burger was bad. Luckily it wasn't in the food
and I inspected everything else and it appeared hair free. It was
clearly not one of our hairs either. That's when the waitress asked how
our meals were and we mentioned the hair.

The manager quickly came over and apologized and offered another
burger but I honestly was starving and the hair wasn't touching any
food so I said it was OK. Ted's policy is to pick up the tab on the
whole meal so we were eating for free.

The burger itself (came with grilled onions, cheddar and bacon)
didn't have much seasoning but the bison meat was very rich and almost
sweet tasting compared to ground sirloin. The patty also didn't stay
together very well and broke into pieces making a big old mess.

The chili was good but Courtney's Caesar salad tasted too anchovy
for not having any actual anchovies on it. She didn't like it.

The fries were really good and the burger was above average but not
worth the $12 price tag. The other bad news was that afterward I had
some heartburn and upset stomach. I do eat a fair amount of game meat
and that's why we wanted to try Ted's out but maybe it's not for the
mass market. Oh, and our bill came with $0 on it and we left a nice tip
for the waitress because it looked like it was going to be a slow day.
Are we going back? Nada. Consider my intrigue fully dissipated.