Lollapalooza Recap: Pearl Jam and more


Now that it’s Monday morning and we’ve had time to absorb the weekend, and some of the exhaustion from yesterday’s heat, we can look back at the good stuff from the weekend and what perplexed us.

First we’ll talk Pearl Jam. Besides the really spotty sound and “hit” filled setlist, the band did a good job of engaging the crowd, even while Eddie preached a bit too much. If we could’ve heard the badn more clearly (the sound was muddy and not as loud as other acts) it could’ve been one of their better shows. You could tell they had energy and Eddie’s voice was near flawless.

The sad part about the sound was that every other act all weekend (with the exception of Regina Spektor) had amazing clarity. I mean it was so good I turned to the wife and said “we should go to more festivals.” You could sit way in the back between two stages and hear each one clearly as one act ended and another started. Kudos to Lolla for getting the most important thing down. I’m just bummed that so many folks who don’t go see Pearl Jam as much as I do were treated to a sub-par experience.

There was a lot of attention being made to the environment at the show which is great of course. There were tons of huge recycling bins everywhere. Too bad no one used them. We couldn’t believe the amount of trash everywhere. It’s not that hard to pick up your cups and plastic bottles people.

Also there were two large white balloons with Lollapalooza written on them on each side of the park as you made your way to one of the big stages. To keep these giant lit balloons afloat they were attached to a generator. Actually, two gas-guzzling generators. I know the floating orbs looked cool, but couldn’t they have come up with just a giant static display instead?

The sheer size of the event, number of bands and three days of relative calm was nice to see. Since Pearl jam most likely won’t be playing next year, we probably won’t go back, among other reasons, but if they were we’d be getting out the blanket…and the umbrella again.