Pearl Jam Playing the Vic Theater


As many of you know, my all time top band is playing the Vic on August 2 in advance of their Lollapalooza headlining gig. Before you get excited, this is a fan club only show and if you aren’t already a member you can’t get tickets. I’m kind of bummed because I doubt I’ll get through online for tickets since every Pearl Jam nut in the country will be doing the same. Seriously, folks from the West Coast who weren’t even coming to Lolla will come to this show if they score tickets. I'm not sure why the band didn't just make it a Chicago-area member event like they've done in the past, since even that number of folks would sell it out in a few minutes.

I’m still excited to see PJ at Lolla. After going all the way to London to see Pearl Jam it’ll be nice to just take a cab this time. Photo above from the London Gig.