Arena Football Review: The Rush Rule, Really?


We were a tad surprised to get a pair of free tickets to a recent Chicago Rush game. A family member won them in a silent auction. I was probably the most excited out of the group of four to actually see the game, but I was a bit jarred from the difference in seeing the sport live than from TV.

Before we hit Allstate Arena the four of us stopped by Gibson’s for some hamburgers. Sounds funny, but for a pre-game meal a burger at Gibson’s is terrific.

A quick drive over to the game and we parked easily for $13 and headed inside. There were tons of families and kids. The low ticket prices, they start at $12, must be why. We had good seats in a row in the upper deck at about midfield. It was the perfect place to see the action. Unfortunately, the action turned out to be about two minutes of football, a score, then five minutes of TV timeouts. There were penalties and more stoppages of play. It had to be the longest live sporting event I’ve ever attended.

The antics between play was pretty fun with kicking contests and the like. However, as amusing as they were after the fifth or sixth time in the first half we were all getting a bit bored. There was one solid hit into and over the wall which was pretty cool and I liked the fact that fans got to keep errantly thrown footballs. But for a guy who is planning his fantasy football draft now, there wasn’t enough football for me.