Back From London


Well, it's been quiet lately because we were in London for the past week, enjoying the sites, and of course a Pearl Jam show.

The weather was nice for the most part but we did get caught in rain on a few occasions. Otherwise, we saw all the touristy stuff, hit a few museums, ate at amazing restaurants (Nobu, Orrery, Greenhouse, Yuatacha) and walked, a lot.

When people say London is expensive they mean it. The pound is killing the dollar these days and it's probably not the best time to go at a nearly two to one exchange rate.

The city of London was a lot like Chicago except during the week almost everyone is wearing suits and there are a lot less iPod people. Bicyclists are crazy, just like in Chicago, but the cabbies all know where they're going and speak perfect English no matter where they're from.

We're glad to be home and will have more to say on local stuff as always and a full review of the new Strack & Van Til that opened on Elston coming up.