Go Bulls, Bears

First, I’m hoping everyone watched the Bulls make the Miami Heat look like the geriatric home their locker room truly is. Wow. I’ve never seen a less intense opponent in any playoff matchup in professional sports. Never. The Pistons won’t be so easy but what a great matchup that will be.

As for the Bears: I was obviously wrong on Friday. I’ll admit it. The blue chipper Olsen fell right to them at 31. Amazing. After that…things were OK. The big mistake was picking Garrett Wolfe in the third. How they passed on Michael Bush from Louisville or Antonio Pittman from OSU I don’t know.  They should be fine, but I’m surprised they didn’t move Briggs.

As for my Dolphins…sigh. Ted Ginn? He dropped the Jr. by the way. I don’t mind missing Brady Quinn but we could’ve gotten the top DT or CB instead. I don’t mind John Beck at all, and supposedly he can start right away. And no Trent Green.