Bears Draft Day: They Need to Trade

One way or another, the Bears need to make a trade before draft day. I’m not talking strictly about Lance Briggs either. With the 31st pick they’re gonna get nada. The best they can hope for is a lesser WR like Dwayne Jarrett or a decent guard like Ben Grubbs.

If they moved up to the teens they could get the best tight end since Vernon Davis in Olsen from Miami or a top WR like Ginn Jr., Meachum or Bowe, all better than Jarrett.

Now how do they do this and how did they get here.

First, they should have taken the Redskins deal for Briggs even if they didn’t like how it came about. Before Saturday they’re going to be lucky to get that back on the table so they can end up with the top safety LaRon Landry.

Instead I see them trading Briggs and either the 31st or the 37th overall pick or just those two picks combined to one of the following teams:

  • 12 Buffalo Bills      
  • 14 Carolina Panthers
  • 15 Pittsburgh Steelers 

It is in one of these spots they could still get Ginn Jr., Olsen or a top LB like Willis or Posluszny. Perhaps they’d also get a late round pick from one of these other teams as well.

Last year the Bears struck gold with their two 30-something picks, but what are the chances they can do that again?