Microsoft Vista Update: It works, kinda

Well, a few months with Vista now I'm not really that impressed. It is buggy even on a brand new Vista loaded machine. Certain programs are worse than others. The surprise there is that Office and Zune are the main troublemakers, crashing frequently if you leave them open and unattended for long periods of time.

I do like the image interface a lot. Home PC users are probably very into photos and the way Vista sorts everything by date and tags is very intuitive. Plus it is so much easier to find photos now when putting up a blog post or just when browsing. All the menus are easier to use, although I rarely use the search which is supposed to be the big deal. bah.

Games. I playedthe new Star Trek game but the game itself is so bad I didn't even enjoy the improved graphics of my new PC. I got the new Tiger Woods because it was so cheap, but it's buggy and after a swing the grass disappears forever more. Kind of hard to play golf with no grass. Plus, EA's download software for patches...doesn't work on Vista it seems.

Hopefully, I'll be happy with it in a year or so when all the bugs are fixed.