Samsung Blackjack Update: Review

I'm about a month into Blackjack ownership and so far so good. My main problem is my company only pushes email to blackberry devices, so I check my email via IE on the phone. It's not horrible but not the way to go either. If I was a CTA blogger this would so be perfect. I'm about done a few minutes into the ride.

Battery life on the blackjack hasn't been a problem. I've read a lot of complaints about it but have gone days without plugging it in. Granted, those aren't high use days like at an airport, but about the same amount of charge in day to day as my old SLVR.

The camera could be better as my food shots have shown. I'm most impressed with TypePad mobile though and the freedom to blog from anywhere is pretty amazing.

Plus having internet access anywhere is always fun. I'm pretty impressed with the speed of Cingular's 3G. Sites like and wikipedia load quickly. I'm surprised more major sites don't have a mobile app like espn and is developing.

I also use the rss reader for a few favorite blogs and to keep up with news away from the desk. Then I can start working on a post the second I get back to my desk if I do catch a newsworthy item.