On a quest for Kobe Beef

We all know Chicagoans love their meat.

Kobe beef is hot.  Restaurants across town are serving up this high end meat. We’ve heard many people rave about half price (I think it was recently changed to $10 night rather than half price) Kobe burger night at Sweets and Savories on Wednesdays but have not yet made it over there.

Two weeks ago, Time Out Chicago (yes, we love this magazine!) had a little blurb about The Fish Guy now selling Kobe beef. So we trekked up there on two Saturdays ago, the week it was mentioned in TOC, to make our own Kobe beef burgers. I guess I should have phoned first because The Fish Guy was fresh out of Kobe beef! We had to hit Jewel for ground beef instead---talk about disappointment.

This was our first visit to The Fish Guy (again, where many local chefs supposedly get their seafood) and while we left empty handed, the quality of the fish looked amazing.

So let us know…is there anywhere else in the city where we can buy Kobe beef????