Restaurant Review: Heartland Café, Rogers Park

This past Saturday we got an early start and after a downtown appointment, we hopped on LSD and headed up to Evanston to test drive new cars to replace my aging Jeep Grand Cherokee. As we were cruising up Sheridan Road, we had the usual laugh over the name of our old street (Lunt…yes, we know we are juvenile, but it gets us every time), and then both thought “Lunt = Heartland Cafe” and Dave had to do a semi-illegal u-turn to hit one of our old favorites for breakfast.

Our friendly waiter stopped by our table promptly and asked us if we wanted coffee or orange juice. We both said no and we examined the menu. When the waiter came back to take our orders, we both said we had changed our minds and wanted OJ. The waiter didn’t understand apparently and brought one OJ and one coffee. After that confusion was sorted out, we ordered an everything omelet and a breakfast burrito. The everything omelet was very good and filled with veggies, but the turkey bacon Dave thought would be on the side was in the omelet itself. He had asked the waiter which way it would be and thought it wouldn’t be inside. If it had he probably would have opted for sausage. It turned out OK, but all the bacon was in one corner of the omelet. The highlight of the dish was the very healthy wheat toast that was delicious. The breakfast burrito was sufficient, but paled in comparison to the breakfast burritos at Logan Square’s Lula’s or Hot Spot.

  • Food: A-
  • Service: B
  • Atmosphere: A-
  • Price: B+
  • Menu: A