Restaurant Review: Azucar, Logan Square


Saturday night, we headed out a little bit later than usual (6 p.m. we know) and actually had to wait for a table at Azucar, Logan Square’s new tapas restaurant which happens to be right next door to El Cid, our favorite Mexican restaurant. We read about this place in a recent issue of Time Out Chicago (it seems to be written up everywhere. Photo above from Zagats!) which said the wait for a table was more than an hour long its first weekend. When you call the restaurant, the staff will do their best to tell you it’s a small establishment, which is why they have a hard time accommodating large parties, but you don’t realize just how small this place is until you step inside. There are seats for maybe 40 people and 10 more at the bar.

We got drinks while we waited for our table, a red sangria and a Spanish beer that were both very tasty, and when a spot opened up at the bar, we decided to eat there instead of wait longer for a table. We both started out with salads, David got a mixed green I got one with beets, both were fantastic. We then shared three tapas dishes, a portabella mushroom with chick peas, a roasted red pepper stuffed with hummus and cheese and lamb chops. All dishes were absolutely fantastic, but we were still pretty hungry at the end of the meal.

The point of tapas is to keep ordering more small dishes, but by the time our last dishes had arrived, we thought we might have to wait another hour to get any more food. The place was overfilling at that point. The owner of the restaurant stopped by to ask how our dining experience was and when we told him the service was lagging, he apologized profusely and offered to buy us a round. It was a very generous offer, but we didn’t need the peace offering to get us back to this place. We’ll wait it out a few more months until the buzz dies down and try it again around 5 p.m. The food speaks for itself…it really is delicious.

  • Food: A
  • Service: C+ (We’ll change it next time we go)
  • Atmosphere: A
  • Price: A-    It might be pricey to some, but considering the high-end nature of the food it wasn’t bad. Salads were $5 but small, the portabella was $9 and the lamb $14.
  • Menu: A-