Batman is Back in Chicago! First Pictures


I have absolutely no idea if the headline above is accurate. I’m sure fans out there have already seen images of filming for the Batman sequel, but driving home today on Van Buren I passed this building on the corner of Wacker and VB (I think it’s an old Post Office building) with huge cranes out front and lighting as workers were affixing large letters to the outside of the building. Obviously you can see “Gotham Natio…” so I’m guessing this will be a bank for perhaps a bank robbery.

It looked like the flagpoles outside were just added. There were also lights set up inside the building on the northwest corner. More pictures below.



I have to say as a huge comic fan and fan of the first Burton film,
“Batman Begins” is by far one of the best comic book movies ever made.
Every time it’s on HBO HD I watch it, no matter where it is in the
film. Can’t wait for this one, although I’m still weary of Heath Ledger
as the Joker. 

If the guys want a place to film in Logan Square on the boulevard they can have our building. Although it would be pretty cool to see the Batman on top of the monument on the square too.