Restaurant Review: Shaw’s Crab House, Downtown Chicago

Between traveling for our real jobs and a death in the family, things have been kind of hectic for us. Our crazy schedules had us eating out more, but didn’t afford us the time to post about our experiences. Here’s the first in a few quickie reviews.

In February, we got suckered into signing up for Lettuce Entertain You’s frequent diner program while dining at Joe’s Stone Crab.

While some people swear by this program, we’re not sure it will benefit us that much even though we do enjoy Joe’s a few times a year. Regardless, we paid $25, but the catch is if you use your card three times in the course of 12 months, you get that $25 back in the form of a gift card. So to try to recoup our $25, we headed to Shaw’s Crab House on a recent Friday night, thinking we wouldn’t be able to get into Joe’s last minute.

This was not our first time dining at Shaw’s, but I think it was our first time dining at the downtown restaurant. We arrived 30 minutes early for our 6 p.m. reservation, thinking we would have no problem getting seated early. While there were a number of empty tables, we were asked to wait in the bar. We only had to wait 15 minutes before being seated at a table that was empty since we had walked in. We both were in the mood for crab, so we decided to do the crab dinner for two, which was essentially $40 pp for a sampling of crab that included a clam chowder appetizer followed by Dungeness and king crab as well as two crab cakes. Also included in this feast were sides of potatoes, creamed spinach and cole slaw and two slices of key lime pie. The crab was great, but we probably didn’t need to spend this much as we didn’t eat all the crab and barely touched the sides. We were so full, we ended up taking our pie to go. The food at Shaw’s is consistent, but for foodies like us, it leaves a bit to be desired. The service was sub par and the place was packed with tourists. At least we got our frequent diner points!

  • Food: B-
  • Service: C-
  • Atmosphere: C-
  • Price: C+
  • Menu: C+