Peeping Tom Concert Review: Park West, 4.15.2007


This won’t be lengthy, but I just wanted to get a post up about last night’s show. We don’t see as many concerts as we used to, but when we do we like to make them count. Mike Patton’s latest project is his version of hip-hop with a live band, and more importantly, a live beatboxer. The welcoming venue of the Park West with its 1980s night club vibe, was the perfect setting for such an act.

Patton’s voice was good but not as stellar as I’ve seen in the past with Faith No More, Fantomas and Tomahawk. Not bad mind you, he just sounded like he had played a bunch of shows before hitting Chicago. The real prize of the show was Butterscotch, the young female beatboxer that somehow kept going all night through every song, and for an extended solo which was really impressive.

The band itself, Dub Trio, also had some presence and got their own jam to display their prowess. Of course, it also extended the set so the one-album of material justified the ticket price. You’re slick Mike Patton, slick.

We dug the show and the sound was near perfect as well even with all the bass beats and live band. More rap acts should bring a band. Of course most rap acts can’t hold a candle to Patton even at 80 or 90%.