Bears Moves: Quit Complaining You Babies


I am a huge NFL fan. As some or most of you know I still love the Miami Dolphins. I grew up in South Florida, moved to Chicago in 2002 and have embraced all of the native teams save the Bears. I just can't give up on the Fins. Anyway, with all the recent off-season activity I keep hearing complaints from the media about Thomas Jones being traded, Ron Rivera  leaving and blah blah blah.

Shut up already. I had to listen to a few hours of Salisbury and Rosenbloom today with no Salisbury, which normally wouldn't be a bad thing since the show is a complete mess -possibly the worst thing to happen to sports radio in years, but Rosenbloom wouldn't shut up about the Thomas Jones deal. Look, Jones had one year left. What happens to players with one year left on their deal? They turn into Lance Briggs and look how that's working out for you.

Plus, umm…you have Cedric Benson in the wings who you've already invested millions and a top draft pick in. And, he showed splashes of brilliance last year. And Peterson is solid as a backup.

Before I go any further, let me ask anyone who is a fan of the NFC Champs who is complaining this:

Even with the off-season moves who in the NFC is better, RIGHT NOW,
than the Bears? I can only think the New Orleans Saints. Otherwise the
Bears, even with Grossman at QB, are the odds on favorite to run away
with another free week in the playoffs next season. Get over it.
Compared to everyone in the AFC you have it easy.

Plus, besides the boneheaded 2nd round swap in the Jones deal, the Bears should've just traded a 7th rounder and Jones for the 37th, I think it was a fair deal for the going rate Jones would've commanded. Get what you can when you can fools.

Here are my thoughts for the rest of the Bears off-season:

With all the money you saved dealing Jones and possibly Briggs,
pick up Randy McMichael from Miami! Grossman needs a safety valve at
tight end who can actually make a play. I don't care what Clark did
last year he's no McMichael.

I honestly trust Angelo to make those 31st and 37th
picks in the draft. I didn't believe in Hester last year but hey, I was
wrong. I'd suggest a CB regardless or secondary help of some kind but
if the Briggs' situation goes bad a top LB will be available in that
area as well.

And gee, you have few other needs. Maybe another WR. Geeze, you guys are a bunch of cry babies.

Now excuse me as I go wallow in the bloodletting in Miami. At least we got Porter…sigh…