Restaurant Review: Sola, Lincoln Square


Courtney and I always have this habit of trying a new place right when it opens because its getting lots of good press and then we never go back, even if the food was good. That was the case with Sola which opened about two years ago. We went, had a lovely dinner and just lost track of it.

SolacevicheSo, this week we decided to go back to Sola for a Saturday night out. We go out early, like 5:30 p.m. I know, call us early birds but we don’t like getting out main course at 8 or 9 p.m. Surprisingly, we weren’t the only ones there that early and by the time we left around 7 p.m. the place was packed.

We know why too. The food is better than we remembered. We each had a nightly special for appetizers. Courtney had a seafood ceviche with calamari, lobster and lots of fruit. It was very light.

My appetizer blew hers away though. I had a lobster appetizer with a spicy mustard sauce and a small salad with lobster leg meat. The lobster itself was a shelled claw and half a lobster tail. It was a significant portion and because we didn’t see it on the menu I figured it would cost upwards of $20. It turned out to be $15. Totally worth it.

For the main course Courtney got a Hawaiian sea bass which had a name I can’t remember. It was excellent with plenty of flavor and perfectly cooked.  I had Sola’s “signature” dish which were breaded lamb chops stuffed with either blue cheese or gorgonzola…I can’t really recall which.

They were amazing.

The breading made them more savory but I think they could’ve actually had no breading or something even lighter. They were also perfectly cooked medium rare and HOT!

Usually, when you get a well prepared piece of meat out at a restaurant like this is just warm. Being such early eaters we don’t expect our dishes to have to wait long and I guess they didn’t.

Our waitress was excellent, only lagging at the end of the meal when it was really crowded and we were finished. The atmosphere was pleasant with a good level of light, not too dark, not too bright and even when it was packed with people the crowd noise didn’t overwhelm us, you could easily hold a conversation.

Oh, I almost forgot we did have desert, another special. A poundcake filled with Makers Mark caramel and pecans with some sweet ice cream, I don’t recall if it was buttermilk but something like that. The liquor was very faint and didn’t overpower anything. It was a terrific end to the meal. Of course it won’t help my fatblogging much but we’ve been pretty diligent lately with the diet. We’ll just never give up on eating out. Last night at Sola made sure of that.

  • Food: A
  • Service: A-
  • Atmosphere: A-
  • Price: B+
  • Menu: B-