Logan Square Restaurant Review: Buona Terra

Ok, this will be the first mobile restaurant review. Last night we had dinner at the neighborhood Italian place. Courtney came with her folks a few months ago and the two of us have been here a couple of times as well. The food is nothing out of this world, but very above average. It's more about the atmosphere and the service, both of which are excellent. As are the prices.

Thursday is $19.95 price fix where you get a salad or appetizer, main course and dessert. I had the fried calamari which I remembered being good before. It was again, as was Courtney's salad, a special. Too bad the main courses weren't as great.

Courtney had a special, tilapia, which was cooked well, but there wasnt't enough flavor to compliment the fish. I had the special pasta with mussels. It was very light, but was drowned in oil. I actually got oil on my shirt from a few pieces of pasta dangling from my mouth. Oops. There was plenty of food though and the desserts were quite tasty, not good for fatblogging that's for sure.

We love BT and will go back. There are more pictures in the food diary at right.