Samsung Blackjack Blogging

I've been using the new Blacjack especially on my blog for work. This post is also via the device using Typepad's mobile software. It works really well, and I'm slowly learning to use the keyboard with some efficiency.

You can update photo galleries really easily as well. That's probaly the best use of this. Live blogging of events would be cool too, but you can't update a post that's already live. I'll test the camera some more when we go out for dinner in a few minutes for a restaurant review.

As far as e-mail goes I still haven't set it up, but will try tomorrow.

The 3G here in Chicago has also been really rock solid. I use the rss reader most of the time though and not regular sites on IE. Does anyone know of a good list of mobile friendly sites? Ping me with questions below.

FYI: I wroye this on my L ride home. This would be perfect for all those commuter/bloggers out there.